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Dental Insurance – Frisco, TX

Questions About Dental Insurance?
We Can Help!

Navigating dental insurance coverage can oftentimes feel overcomplicated and intimidated – so why not let our team guide you through the process without unnecessary stress? On Point Dentistry™ is in-network with several major PPO providers and can also help patients and families maximize the benefits that are available through out-of-network insurances. We’re proud to help make high-quality oral healthcare care as budget-friendly as possible. Keep reading below to learn more about the in’s and out’s of dental insurance, and don’t hesitate to contact our dental office in Frisco, TX if you’d like to discuss the topic in more depth.

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How Does Dental Insurance Work?

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Many people assume that dental insurance and medical insurance are two sides of the same coin, but they’re actually quite distinct. The vast majority of benefits associated with medical coverage are reserved for BIG emergencies, illnesses, and life events. On the other hand, dental insurance is much more focused on the power of prevention. By fully covering the cost of dental checkups and cleanings at least once a year, the goal is to help the insured party minimize treatment costs by avoiding dental damage, infection, and other concerns whenever possible.

What Does My Dental Insurance Actually Cover?

Dentist reviewing treatment plan and dental insurance coverage with patient

It’s important to keep in mind that every dental insurance plan is different, so please confirm your available benefits with your provider before committing to any treatment. Our team can help with this process! That said, most coverage looks a lot like the following:

  • Essential preventive care (including yearly or biannual dental checkups and cleanings) is covered at 100%.
  • Minor restorative care (such as root canal therapy and tooth-colored fillings) is partially covered at around 80%.
  • More extensive restorative care (which includes dental crowns, bridges, and dentures) is partially covered at around 50%.

Purely cosmetic treatment is not eligible for dental insurance coverage in virtually all cases.

What’s the Difference Between Being In-Network & Out of Network?

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On Point Dentistry™ is an in-network provider with several PPO insurances – but what exactly does that mean? It’s pretty simple. Basically, we’ve agreed to accept discounted rates for many major dental services, which means that our patients will likely pay less than they would when seeing a dentist who is out of network, who can charge whatever they want for the same service.

However, that doesn’t mean that interested individuals and families with different dental insurance plans can’t visit us. We love working with out of network patients, and our talented team does a great job at maximizing your available benefits through the proper paperwork. In many cases, the difference between “in-network” and “out of network” costs is very small – you may be surprised!

We can’t wait to help make your next dental appointment comfortable, efficient, and ultimately smile-inducing. Contact us today!